Vintage 1930s Alfred Meakin Royal Marigold Jug


  • Vintage jug from the 1930s
  • Manufactured by Alfred Meakin
  • Royal Marigold pattern
  • £3.50 shipping

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This attractive jug was manufactured by Alfred Meakin in the Royal Marigold pattern. The backstamp on the base was used in the late 1930s. The jug is in good condition with no cracks or crazing, but there is a little wear to the gilding on the rim. It would be ideal for the table, maybe for custard or gravy. It would also look so pretty with flowers in. This jug has a timeless quality and would look lovely in both a cottage and a more contemporary setting. It stands 7 cm high and has a diameter of 10 cm excluding the spout.



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